Animal Bags From Russia


Krukrustudio creators are Max and Lyuba. We were both born in the North - in Karelia Republic, close to Finland. And both received a typical Russian education, Lyuba as a philologist and myself as a physicist. But both had quite a different interests: Lyuba was good in drawing and I played guitar and attended courses in tailoring. We got together in Moscow back in 2008 and three years after came to the conclusion that we need to develop our talents rather than just work.
In January 2011 we finally got down to business. Why bags? Because everyone needs a bag! Wool felt that Lyuba found was perfect for experimenting and we spent about two months making quite classical style bags for our friends and for local shops. Until we realized that the felt provides great opportunities for modeling all kinds of shapes and unleashed our creativity.
The first "bag-object" we ever created was the Dirigible. It came out very big and that made it even more stunning. The second one was the Milk can bag. We were really impressed ourselves because we haven't seen anything like that before (and we still are!). We put it up on Russian social network and received so many orders, that we did only these two models for two months.
These bags made a certain breakthrough in consciousness. People realized that now any object could become a bag! We received a lot of requests from people for bags shaped like their favorite objects. We had a notebook full of ideas for a future bags but didn't know what to start from - then people's requests made a choice for us! That's how our collection grew over the years.
Later, as we learned, we started working with leather and recently with faux leather (for our vegan friends), discovered printing technologies and trained several seamstresses to help us with production.

























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