Beyhadh – बेहद – Ep 127 – 5th Apr, 2017


Maya asks Samay to not interfere in her personal life. Arjun comes to Ayan’s house to meet Vandana. Vandana tells Arjun that he should not have broken his relationship with his family. Arjun apologizes to Vandana for his past mistakes. He further tells Vandana that Maya is going to London.
Beyhadh chronicles the lives of Maya (Jennifer), Arjun (Kushal) and Saanjh (Aneri) and how their paths cross as one of them decides to rewrite their destinies. A young business tycoon, Maya has always steered clear from relationships and is extremely guarded about her life. However, things change when she meets Arjun, a carefree and happy-go lucky aspiring photographer. Maya falls head over heels in love with him. On the other hand, Arjun’s childhood best friend, Saanjh, a beautiful, loving and righteous girl, only wishes for his happiness and is the guiding light of his life. She secretly loves Arjun but has never confessed her feelings to him. What happens when Maya's love becomes so Beyhadh that it crosses all boundaries of rationality, remains to be seen.

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