Ek Rishta Sajhedari ka – एक रिश्ता साझेदारी का – Episode 105 – 4th January, 2017


Sanchi finds out that Aryan's family is planning for his second marriage. Viren asks Sanchi to meet her lawyer and prepare her divorce papers. Sanchi replies Viren that she is going to an orphanage along with Tanu. Sarita and Nilima reach the orphanage. They learn that they do not have any gifts to distribute to the orphans. Kusum offers her gifts to Nilima and Sarita.
Aryan and Sanchi are a young couple who meet each other at a wedding. They have an arranged marriage and fall in love with each other. Due to certain misunderstandings between the families their relationship comes under stress.
Cast : Kinshuk Vaidya, Shivya Pathania, Sooraj Thapar, Surbhi Tiwari, Nitesh Pandey, Waseem Mushtaq, Sunayana Fozdar, Simran Natekar
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