I Felt Fairytale Houses For Cats


Hello, my name is Yuliya Kosata, i am from Ukraine.
As long as I consider myself I cherished to create matters. First i was painting and sewing. Then it changed into photography and then on certainly one of my trip to Nepal I fell in love with felted things. It turned into almost eight years in the past when I first noticed such unusual shapes and things I could not even recognize how will be made from wool. It became fantastic. On account that then I decided to try to do it regardless of what. I commenced to explore felting in wool i found specific material for creativity alive and warm. It needs a whole lot of efforts and competencies and it always has very own manner and lives very own existence which force me to comply with its lead, rethink the ideas I had and sculpt from time to time very one-of-a-kind from what i wanted however nevertheless magic and beautiful.
It is tough to mention what exactly gives me ideas. My thoughts is always filled with snap shots whichever I I wanna create in truth. It's never easy and continually unpredictable but feeling of making is cover all of the worry. Developing very own international with very own palms makes me feel like some thing from fairy story and wonderland united in a single.










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