Jaat Ki Jugni – जाट की जुगणी – Ep 3 – 5th Apr, 2017


Choudhary Gajendra Singh learns that Bittu has kidnapped his sister Munni. He asks the police to find out his sister at the earliest. Gajendra and his brothers come to Bittu’s house. On the other hand, Bittu brings Munni to a remote place. He tells Munni that the goons of her brothers had attacked Monty.
Jaat Ki Jugni serial story revolves around Munni and Bittu who grow up in the same village and have feelings for each other. The story traces their life with events from childhood, school years, and then as adults. Munni lives with her three Brothers who are very protective of her and do not allow her to go out much. In spite of this, Munni bumps into Bittu again and again, and realizes that she has a thing for him. Will Munni and Bittu come together against the wishes of their family?

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