Mehar Bano Video Goes Viral – 2 Men Falling in Love is not Bad



Mehar Bano Video Goes Viral - 2 Men Falling in Love is not Bad

Pakistani  actress Mehar Bano’s statement on Homos*xuality has Drawn severe criticism from the Netizens.

Bano who's is currently starring in GEO TV - Har Pal Geo Drama Khuda or Mohabbat Season 3 is staunch Supporter of Aurat March, recently her video Regarding Homos*xuality has gone Viral making Rounds on social media.

The Video shows, in an interview during the Aurat March Last Year, a Boy was Asked by a Reporter if he supports Homos*xuality to which he said that according to him, Quaid e Azam made Pakistan a secular state where 2 People have a Right to Live Happily together, whether the opposite or the same Gender.

He was bold Enough to urge the Govt that if 2 People of the Same s*x want to Live together with consent they should be Allowed to do so.

Shockingly, Pakistani actress Mehr Bano who recently made a name for herself through a web series Churails was caught giving a very controversial statement during the Aurat March Last Year.

On asking about her Reviews on Homos*xuality, Bano remarked, “I Don’t consider Homos*xuality a shame or a wrong doing.”

She even Expressed that this is Not bad for the Era or our society.

She Further Expressed that "in her opinion Misogyny is Bad, Violence on women is Bad, but 2 men Falling in Love is not Bad".

Later, the video spread like Wildfire on Pakistani Twitter with Homos*xuality becoming the top trend. 

Bloggers Weighed  in on the Fiery Debate with the video being weaponised by Trolls who used it as Digital fodder against the Aurat March.

Watch video 🎥 :

Later the Express Tribune Debunk the claim to be Misleading as the Footage is from #Last year (2020) and not from this year's Event.

Mehar has Played the role of Umama in social Drama Daagh for which she Received a nomination for Best Actress at Lux Style Awards. She also Played the roles of Batool in ARY Digital's Balaa (2018) and Anoushay in Mere Paas Tum Ho (2019).

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