Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan – हनुमान – Ep 507 – 28th Feb, 2017


Vibhishan requests Lord Ram to not kill Shatanan Ravan. Vibhishan plans to convince Shatanan Ravan to not fight against Lord Ram. Hanuman enters Mayasur’s realm. Mayasur threatens Hanuman to destroy the earth with his evil powers. Shatanan Ravan decides to kill Vibhishana. Mayasur makes unkind remarks about Lord Ram in front of Hanuman.
Everyone has known Hanuman as Ram Bhakt, very few people know his virtue and stories before and after he met Ram.He is claimed to be bigger than Ram and more important in the scheme of things in Ramayan. They say he is still alive and has also played a crucial role in Mahabharat. The qualities he possessed and the way he handled a given situation has helped him gain the name of Sankatmochak. Our show is based on the mightiest story of Hanuman relevant to day-to-day life of individuals

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5 years ago