Starving Homeless Dog Gets Rescued And Taken To Pet-Friendly Restaurants Every Day


In case you stay in l. A. And you are struggling to get a reservation at some of the best eating places in town, it's probable because of Popeye the canine. Because while the cute little canine was once a ravenous stray who used to eat anything he ought to find, now the fluffy foodie dines on the fine meals on the town along together with his owner Ivy Diep.
"i discovered him as a stray," Ivy informed Bored Panda. "He turned into such a mess - superb thin, heavily raveled, grimy." Ivy wasn't looking for another dog at that point as she already had a complete-house, however nobody desired Popeye so she determined to hold him. "It wasn't long before he made himself at home at my location with my different dogs. And of path, my husband and i fell in love [with him].
"one of my friends, Jen, cautioned that I create an Instagram account for Popeye due to the fact he was lovable. Jen and i favored to move on what we name 'Instagram dates' and take images of our food. I might deliver Popeye any time i will, and we realized he turned into truely appropriate around meals. He doesn't lunge for meals or actually even take care of it. He just favored to be out. He'll get nibbles of some thing it is secure for him. I additionally convey a bag of treats for him, in case there may be nothing he can have."
Popeye now has over 108k fans on Instagram, so if you can not get a reservation then as a minimum you can take a look at out his photographs to peer what you are missing!











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