Stunning Animal Portraits By Ukrainian Photographer Sergey Polyushko


Sergey Polyushko is a Ukrainian photographer whose portfolio includes the whole thing from architecture and fashion to industrial and road pictures. His lovely and intimate animal graphics are possibly his maximum attractive works however. Test the photographs underneath to look what we imply.
From home dogs and cats, to wildlife which includes ducks, squirrels, or even an amazing caracal, Polyushko's pics are as playful as they are fascinating. Whether or not he's snapping squirrels within the snow while they are out foraging for nuts, geese basking on golden solar-tinted waters, or curious cows seeking out their own personal near-ups, the photographer, who has over 40k followers on Instagram, has mastered the art of bringing out the very nice in every and every concern he chooses. Here's a list of some of our favorites. Don't forget to vote for yours!

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4 years ago